An alleged UFO was seen from a farm near McMinnville, Oregon, in 1950.

It is known that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), and/or alien (Extraterrestrial) beings have been sighted and observed since time immemorial. These encounters can be traced back to biblical times, ancient Kemet-(Egypt), modern-day officials, everyday people, and so on. The experiences of these encounters have left many…

Not all psychopaths are criminals. However, it is a frequent trait of a serial killer

True Consequences

Sexual Sadists:

  • Among the deadliest predators on the planet
  • Are interested in inflicting pain and instilling fear psychologically
  • Are cold, cunning, and/or blood-thirsty
  • Are in pursuit of perverted fantasies
  • Must have power and control
  • Murder is not enough
  • Has a sexual thought, followed by action that is sexually arousing to…

Dr. Shakira

Celebrity Ghostwriter~Freelance Writer~Researcher~Ph.D. in Philosophy~Alien Theory~Amatuer Archaeology~MUFON~

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